Our brand

Our brand

Our brand is a key asset for Essex County Council. It helps people connect with us, understand who we are, recognise our value to them, and make better use of our services.

Understanding our brand

Our brand is defined by our audiences, brand purpose, values, personality, and behaviours. They underpin the way we communicate and​​​ act as an organisation. 

The Guide to our brand for all employees (PDF, 5.05 MB) is a straightforward introduction to the guidance you need to understand our brand and bring it to life in the right way.

​Brand guidelines​​

​​Our Brand guidelines (PDF, 20.54 MB) show how to bring our brand to life correctly and consistently. They are used by our Design Studio and anyone who works with us, including suppliers on our Communications and Marketing framework​. 

​Our Design Studio manage and protect our brand. If you have any questions relating to our brand, including fonts and colours, or a design project you are working on, please email the Design Studio.​

Using our logo ​

To ensure our logo is used correctly, our Design Studio manage its use. Email the Design Studio​ to request to use it, detailing why and where the logo will be used. ​